Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE)

ACE is an advisory committee of the council that is primarily focused on ensuring environmental issues are considered by council and to educate the public on environmental awareness.

Atlantic Bojuka 693-4188

Atlantic Bojuka is a form of self-defence designed to deal with real life altercations and not a point-based sport martial art.

Beachy Cove Elementary Boys Basketball Team—The Pumas 725-0551

A division competitive team consisting of grade 5 & 6 students, with program students from grades 3 to 6.

Beachy Cove Elementary Girls Basketball Team—The Pumas 895-2241

A division competitive team consisting of grade 5 & 6 students, with program students from grades 3 to 6.

Beachy Cove Elementary School Council 895-2241

A legally constituted body consisting of the principal, parents, teachers, and community representatives from the local school community who, while representing the interests of all students, work together for the purpose of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and improving the levels of student achievement.

Beachy Cove Girl Guides

Give your daughter the tools and resources she needs to achieve greatness while doing fun things with friends! Registration for girls of any age is open at Looking for a way to get involved within your community? Adults can volunteer and make a difference.

Beaver Scouts

For ages 5-7. Beaver Scouts is filled with a little bit of everything—outdoor activities, games, music, and sports. Along the way, Beaver Scouts meet new friends, learn cooperation and teamwork, and develop self-confidence.

Church by the Sea / 726-1894

This community group is dedicated the preservation of the 1893 St. Philip’s Anglican Church.

Cub Scouts

For ages 8-10. Cub Scouts are encouraged to try new and more challenging activities. Along the way, Cub Scouts learn how to take care of themselves and work as a team, and most importantly have a lot of fun!

Dart League 895-2726

The Dart League takes place weekly at the Recreation Centre. All ages are welcome.

Daycamp 895-8000 ext. 4

Daycamp offers a variety of fun and educational summer activities for children ages 7–12. Join us on an exciting adventure as we go on outdoor quests, take part in music and drama activities, learn new cooperative games, swimming, field trips, and much more!

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee advises council on heritage considerations and the preservation and celebration of our history and culture.

Holy Rosary Church 895-6722

Roman Catholic Parish in Portugal Cove.

Kinderskills 895-8000 ext. 4

Kinderskills is a program for children ages 4–6 providing children with the opportunity to become accustomed to peer interaction, fun cooperative games, get outdoors, and creative development.

Memorial United Church 895-6525

The Church puts off events throughout the year including concerts and dinners.

Men’s Softball

Avalon East Men’s Slo-Pitch softball league is an 8 team 35 and over league that plays out of the Voisey’s Brook complex in Portugal Cove and the Upper three Corner Park in Torbay.

Mixed Co-Ed Adult Softball League 689-9236

Age requirements are 25 and up for men and 21 and up for women

Neighbourhood Watch 895-2067

A community group dedicated to the safety of our residents.

North East Minor Hockey Association 437-2449

Hockey for all age groups up to under 18 for boys and under 20 for girls.

Older Adult Fitness 895-8000 ext. 4

The Older Adult Fitness program incorporates cardiovascular health, resistance training, and flexibility/mobility.

Outdoor Bootcamp 895-8000 ext. 4

The focus of this program is having gun and getting active! The exercises are tailored to anyone, any skill level, and everyone is welcome!

PCSP Minor Soccer 691-8263

For all age groups under 14.

PCSP Minor Softball 725-0551

For all age groups 12 and under.

Portugal Cove Rowing Club 685-8350

The rowing club is open to a variety of age groups and cumulates at the End of Season Regatta in August at the Portugal Cove Marina. All ages will be competing in the Regatta from 8 years old up to 70 (anyone older than 70 can row as well). Men and women, boys and girls. 2015 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Regatta.

Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s Lions Club 895-6940

Entering its 100th year of service, Lions International is a recognized leader in sight conservation, poverty reduction, disaster relief, environmental stewardship and work with children and youth. To learn more, visit, Google “Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s Lions Club,” or follow them on Twitter @PCSPLions.

Rainbow 50+ Club 895-3374

They meet every week for darts and cards and have various events throughout the year.

Royal Canadian Legion 895-6521

Branch 10, Portugal Cove. The Legion offers lots of events throughout the year including bingo, darts, and live music. It is a great space for any function.


A group of community members focused on safety and walkability of the community.


For ages 11-13. Scouts have fun while gaining leadership skills and self-confidence. Scouts enjoy outdoor adventures like mountain biking, rock climbing, and lots of camping while working together with other young people to accomplish thrilling challenges.

St. Lawrence Parish & ACW 895- 2215

Senior’s Fellowship and cards every week and events throughout the year.

Storytime 895-8000 ext. 4

This program is for kids 0-5 years old. Parents and kids participate in storytelling and craft making. They also learn library responsibilities and behaviours.

Tots and Us 895 8000 ext. 4

Come meet like-minded parents and caregivers as your children indulge in free play! Snacks are provided.

Venturer Scouts

For ages 14-17. The Venturer Scout program offers exciting, real life, hands-on experiences for youth. Venturer Scouts learn to nurture an active, healthy lifestyle while acquiring the knowledge and skills for career development as they participate in thrilling outdoor adventures.

Walking and Hiking Club

Our group goes walking or hiking on the trails and in parks, primarily in Portugal Cove-St. Philips every Saturday at 10:00 am for 1-2 hours.

Women’s Institute 895-3458

The Women’s Institute St. Philip’s Branch came into being in January of 1991 and now has over 40 members. The Women’s Institute is non-denominational and non-partisan, and we are open to women of all ages.

Yoga 895-8000 ext. 4

A gentle non-competitive approach to physical fitness that stretches and strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and improves concentration.

Zumba 895-8000 ext. 4

Zumba combines latin and international music with a fun and effective workout. With classes and instructors worldwide, anyone can join the party!